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Truitt’s Water Service, specializes in filling swimming pools and other bodies of water with fresh potable water that is safe to drink.  We supply water to pools of all shapes and sizes, be they residential (in ground and above ground), neighborhood, community, lap or private pools.  We even serve natural and man-made ponds and other landscaping water features.  When it's time to fill your pool, make use of our Pool Filling Guide to determine the amount of water you'll need, visit our Frequently Asked Questions section, or simply fill out our online Free Quote Form.  

Although Truitt's Water Service is well-known for our pool filling services throughout the Triangle Piedmont region of North Carolina in communities such as Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Wake Forest, Chapel Hill and Clayton, we also provide bulk-delivered water to a wide range of other companies.  We serve commerical businesses, construction companies and industrial clients with dependable deliveries.  

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