Are you a new pool owner, or giving some thought to installing an in-ground or above ground swimming pool?  You may have some questions.  Here are some of the questions we are most frequently asked.  If you have other things you'd like to talk over, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We're happy to help!


Where does the water come from that you are putting in my pool?

Regardless of whether your water needs are residential or commercial, we haul only city and county drinking water, so you can be confident you are swimming in clean, fresh water.  We have hydrant meters that we get from every city and county that we buy water from.  We hook up to the designated hydrants connected to city or county water systems. top

How long will it take to fill my pool?

Once we get to a residential location with a load of water it usually takes about 30 minutes to unload.   Of course, the size and dimensions of the pool will play a factor as well.  We are always careful with our trucks and hoses.  If we need to take extra precautions to get to your pool without risking any damage to your property, it could take a little longer to fill your pool. top

How much water does your truck hold?

Each of our trucks can haul up to 6,000 gallons of water.   However, if you live on a low tonnage road (6.5 tons), we are only permitted to haul up to 5,000 gallons.  (Please see our Pool Filling Guide to estimate how much water you will need.)    top

When can I swim?

This is the most popular question of all.  If your pool builder tells you it is OK, you can start swimming as soon as we're done! top
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